Individually Structured Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

An Interdisciplinary Studies degree should include all of the following elements:

  1. A clear and persuasive case for the interdisciplinary nature of the problem or question.
  2. Representative courses from at least two departments in LAS or from at least one department in LAS and one department in another college.
  3. A minimum of 36 credits, 27 of which must be from courses at the 3000-level or higher.
  4. A creative project, community outreach, social action project, internship, or education abroad or nationally.
  5. A SUMMIT course that demonstrates the fusion and integration of the fields studied.

The courses you choose to include should reflect your career goals and interests as well as the marketability of your skill set. We want to make sure there are employment opportunities that involve the unique combination of knowledge and skills you will gain from this customized degree. Cognitive Archaeology (degree plan) offers a model and will launch in Spring 2019.

Transferring Credit Hours

If you will be transferring credit hours from another college within UCCS or another school, keep these limitations in mind:

  • No more than 30 credit hours from outside the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences (LAS) can be used towards an INDS degree.
  • Any credit hours above 54 will not count towards your degree
  • No more than 90 hours can be transferred from another school to be used towards an INDS degree.  Of that 90 credit hours, no more than 72 credit hours can be transferred from a 2-year institution.
Pursuing a Degree

If you would like to know more about pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies degree, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the INDS Faculty Director (Janice Thorpe, to discuss your interdisciplinary study goals and course plan. Use this INDS course worksheet as a guide to prepare for the meeting.
  2. Complete and submit an INDS course plan online once you have met with the INDS Faculty Director.  Upon review, your course plan will be routed to your Academic Advisor. 
  3. Call the Advising office (255-3260, or use Student Support Network) to schedule an appointment with an INDS Academic Adviser to discuss:  a) changing your major to INDS, and b) approval of LAS credit hours.  Note: It may not be possible for you to use a course in your list of major courses in hopes of double counting it for another requirement, so be sure to discuss this when you meet with your Adviser.
  4. Once your Adviser approves your course plan, it will be routed to the Faculty Director of INDS for final approval.
  5. Look for an email indicating the status of your course plan. 
  6. Meet with or Email your Adviser to officially change your major to INDS.  Once you have changed your major, a degree audit will be built for you as a guide for selecting future courses.