Data Analysis for the Liberal Arts Certificate

The ability to answer questions using data is a highly desirable skill for employers (Belkin, D., April 26, 2017, Wall Street Journal, A3).

Students in the liberal arts, social sciences and humanities offer a valuable perspective related to data collection, data analysis, and communication of findings. A Data Analysis certificate, paired with specific courses from your major or field, will provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to help you manage and analyze complex data. Quality data analysts are in essence, master "storytellers", but one must understand the data before one can write the story.

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

An interdisciplinary degree offers students a way to merge multiple interests to create a unique degree. This degree could address a need that cannot be met by existing structures or provide an opportunity for students to pursue compelling interdisciplinary directions in their own research and teaching.

An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree is best suited for:

  • Students who have a specific personal or professional interest that cannot be met within the traditional degree structure, or
  • Students with disparate credit hours trying to find a way to complete their degree.