Three Foundation Courses


Three Foundation Courses

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Learning: Year 1

INDS 1500
(3 credits)

INDS 1500 (3 credits)

This course introduces the theories, methodologies, and practices of interdisciplinary studies through a specific theme that will focus on how to learn in an online environment and how interdisciplinary scholars combine the theories and methods of a variety of fields.

Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning: Year 2

INDS 3500 (3 credits)

In this course, students will bring the knowledge from their chosen clusters to bear on an experiential opportunity.  Choosing an internship, community-based project, or job extension, students will collaborate with peers to design projects in this highly student-driven course.

Interdisciplinary Capstone: Year 3

INDS 4500 (3 credits)

This course brings together students who have been working on individualized majors to share a capstone experience.  The goal is for students to integrate knowledge from their clusters and apply it to a project relevant to their field of interest.