Cyber Security

Student Projects

Several UCCS students have explored the intersection of cybersecurity with their preferred field of study in LAS. The resulting papers, infographics, and videos demonstrate how cybersecurity impacts their respective fields… and ours!

Cybersecurity and Philosophy: An Intersection

Zaheer Charles

Like criminals in the physical world, cyber criminals have evolved in their methods and tactics for engaging in unethical hacking. This has created the need for a cleverer cyberspace officer—one who thinks outside of the box. Enter, the cybersecurity professional with a Liberal Arts background.

Mathematics in Cybersecurity

Aidan Rooney

Cybersecurity often evokes images of a hoard of programmers working to stay ahead of hackers, but in reality, cybersecurity is a multi-disciplinary science, incorporating social science, computer science, programming, information technology science, and especially mathematics. CLICK HERE to see the project infographic 

Cybersecurity and Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID)

Taran Pearce

One of the primary issues of Cybersecurity is the complexity of the content. This creates opportunity for technical writing majors who can break down the complex information technology issues associated with cybersecurity and present them in digestible ways. CLICK HERE to see the project infographic

English Majors in Cybersecurity

Madison Agner

Does the cybersecurity profession apply to English majors? Most philosophies of cyber and digital innovation and practice originate in literature. Ideas like artificial intelligence (AI), technogenesis, and ponderings on ethical concerns regarding digital practice were all conceptualized and popularized through literary minds. CLICK HERE to see the project infographic

Can Sociology Majors Work in Cybersecurity?

Megan Garedakis

Sociology teaches cybersecurity professionals how to identify the vital link between social conditions and crime, and the link between cybersecurity and globalization.

Cybersecurity: A Valuable Skillset for TCID Students

Jacob Steele

Technical communicator jobs are numerous in the cybersecurity field – and the value these roles can bring to companies is vast. Explore various positions such as Technical Writer, Documentation Specialist, and others. CLICK HERE to see the project infographic

Cybersecurity from the Perspective of Economics

Aidan Westbrook

As a cybersecurity economist, one provides insightful value to employers by using powerful economic analyses and detailed research metrics to bolster the security of an organization's financial assets.